Cinematographic Combat

Berat uylukçu started to work in theatre , movie and Tv series industry as an action choreographer.In the year 2007 he met and worked together with Tony Leung who was the president of Hong Kong Stuntman Association and and an action scenes director.

The phases of a cinematographic fighting scene :

1) Observation of the Scenario :
Especially in our country, the biggest delusion is the assumption that  an ordinary character in a movie or  Tv series fights with the skills of KungFu . But the first and most important duty of a martial arts choreographer is to observe the whole scenario and decide which branch of martial arts fits the character ; and later to provide fluency.

2)The Design of the Choreography: It is the phase which comes right after  detecting the best martial arts branch for the character . First , the choreography is told to the characters in overall , and later it must be shaped in accordance to the stage and the setting during the play.

3) The Instruction of the Artists : Before detecting the best martial arts branch for the character and analyzing his body structure , screen/stage fight shud be taught to the artist.The main purpose of the choreography is to prevent artists from hurting  themselves or each other during the fight scene and to perform successful,safe ,realistic stages. Thus , the artists should receive a good martial arts education. The better the artists are educated , the safer and better the scenes will be ; and the less risk will be involved.

4) The Education of Stuntmen : It is the instruction given to the stuntmen and the characters  except the main characters who will take place in the fight scene .Basic reactions during the fight , encountering impacts , the technique for falling , basic martial arts teachings and their usages in the careography must be taught to the characters.It should not be forgottten that ,when we look with the perspective of realistisicm , in a fighting scene it is the stuntmen or the character who shows the reaction is much more important than the character who shows the action . The better education the stuntmen receives , the safer and the more realistic the scene will be .

5) The coordination of Stage Choreography : The final shape of the choreography is determined before the stage is performed in accordance to the setting. During the shooting , the characters are expected to perform the stage with the least risk and with most loyalty to the choreography in a realistic way.